Savvy Pay Per Call affiliate marketers are making over $50,000.00 per month by promoting pay per call offers. How about you?

By becoming a Pay per Call affiliate, you’ll likely have less competition promoting the same offer than affiliates who promote non-pay-per-call offers. That could mean less work with a higher return. But don’t expect the revenue to roll in without rolling up your sleeves.

Despite the necessity for normal marketing discipline, generating phone calls for Pay per call affiliate programs can be very lucrative. Expect payouts to be $5.00 to $20.00, and beyond, for every phone call you generate.

Truth be told, sometimes it does take more effort to generate a phone call than it does to generate a click. But the payout is much higher. Phone calls are worth more to businesses that clicks are, so they don’t mind paying affiliates a higher commission.

To begin promoting pay per call offers you’ll need to register at one of the affiliate networks who support the pay per call model. Here are a few to get you started.

Commission Junction Pay Per Call
ShareASale Pay Per Call
Linkshare Pay per Call

The networks above get their tracking numbers from RingRevenue, who has carved out a nice call-tracking niche within the pay per call industry by developing a platform specifically for affiliate networks. In case you didn’t know, affiliate networks track calls by issuing unique phone numbers to their affiliates (tracking numbers). Those numbers are placed on ads. When someone calls the number, you get paid!

Where to go from here:

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