Savvy marketers are transforming their businesses by creating pay per call advertising offers.

On average, companies are paying $13.00 per call. However, if you have a high ticket item, you should expect your pay per call advertising rate to be in the range of $50.00 to $80.00 per lead.

While that may sound high, it is reasonable given that generating leads from traditional advertising can be much higher when including the ad failure rate. And the return on investment is easy to calculate and justify. For example, let’s say your average transaction is worth $2,000.00 and you expect to close one prospect out of every five who calls in (a closing ratio of 20%). If you are paying $50.00 per call, your cost to generate $2,000 was only $250.00. Most service businesses would be happy with that level of return, particularly when you consider that future transactions and subsequent revenue from that new customer will cost you nothing in terms of incremental advertising cost.

Seek out a provider who:

  1. Manually reviews every phone call (thru call recordings and detailed phone logs).
  2. Non-sales calls are automatically not billed.
  3. Call recordings are available for review.

You can receive an exact quote for launching a pay per call marketing campaign by contacting AdverCalls Inc.

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