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CTVNews.ca Staff

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says that a new Tory ad attacking his record as former Ontario premier is an attempt to “change the channel” amid the ongoing robocalls electoral scandal.

The ad, released on the same day as another TV spot that praises Prime Minister Stephen Harper, criticizes Rae and states that his tenure as NDP Ontario premier was a “failure.”

But Rae told CTV’s Power Play Monday that he expected as much from the Conservatives, since “they’ve turned character assassination into a way of life.”

“I knew perfectly well what the Tories were going to do,” said Rae, who has never announced his intention to become full-time Liberal leader.

“Look, I’m the interim leader, I do take it as a compliment.”

In the attack ad, Rae is chuckling as the narrator describes him as a premier who introduced Ontario to the “most job losses since the depression, the highest income taxes in North America, the biggest deficit Ontario has ever had.”

The ad’s release, coming while the Conservatives enjoy majority status and with an election several years away, at the earliest, may suggest the Conservatives see Rae as more of a threat than NDP interim leader Nycole Turmel, whom they have largely ignored.

The Conservatives launched similar campaigns against previous Liberal leaders such as Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion.

But Rae said that engaging in such blatant attacks simply turns voters off about the entire political process.

“Public opinion on its own will deal with the Tories,” Rae predicted. He also pointed to the robocalls scandal and its implication of dirty tricks, noting that it will “only get worse” for the Conservatives.

“They are obviously trying to change the channel,” Rae said.

Meanwhile, Rae said a prolonged recession in the early 90s was a hallmark of his tenure as Ontario premier, and he said that blaming him for the recession would be like crediting him with the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

“It’s just as logical as blaming me for effect of the recession.”

Rae stressed that the Liberals would respond to the latest Conservative ad, but would refrain from crass political attacks.

“The question is how you play the game,” he said. “You can’t simply let them define the entire political landscape of the country.”

But Immigration Minister Jason Kenney defended the ads, saying Rae has made it clear he wants to be prime minister, and Canadians have a right to know his political record.

“He is acting like he’s the permanent leader, and he has a record that hangs around his neck like a millstone,” Kenney told Power Play.

“A lot of people don’t know, and quite frankly, it’s 20 years ago in Ontario. There’s a lot of new people in Canada, a lot of younger voters who have no memory of the complete disaster (and) the economic wasteland that was Bob Rae’s Ontario,” said Kenney.

Earlier, Kenney denied the Conservatives were attempting to interfere in the Liberal Party’s leadership process.

When Rae took on the role as interim leader he agreed not to run for the party leadership — a party policy, but one that some have suggested might be flexible.

Rae is the interim leader of the third-place Liberals, a party that was decimated in the last election while the NDP made massive gains under Jack Layton’s leadership, mostly in Quebec.

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Think about it, if Bob Rae is so horrible, they would have let him become the official Liberal Leader. Then they’d have run these during the election campaign, right?


True or not, don’t you have better things to do Stevie when Air Canada is in shambles, a lot of good people are out of jobs , and you wanna be an 8 yr old and start calling a temporary leader a failure? No Stephen, your a failure, you should act like the leader of the country and man up to the current issues at hand. Shameful act.

lady o

ummmm…. I’m confused? The liberals do the same thing. So what’s the problem?

Prof. Pye Chartt

Apparently, according to Bob Rae, it’s not fair to blame him, as Ontario’s NDP Premier, for the effects of the lingering recession in the early 1990s. However, apparently, according to today’s interim Liberal leader, and most anti-Conservatives, it’s entirely okay to blame Harper Company for the effects of the lingering unprecedented global economic recession that began with the crippling of our biggest trading partner, the U.S., and has extended to financial havoc in Europe. I’ll be keeping this in mind as I observe Liberal election-campaign ads down the road. (I’m anticipating tasty political cupcakes of shear partisan hypocrisy.)

Ryan in AB

I’m sick of this disgusting form of politics and how it seems to spreading in Canada. I am no fan of Rae and grew up in Ontario when he was premier and would consequently never vote for I’m. But that is not the issue. The issue is negative attack ads and a continued focus on the negative in our politics. I will vote for the parties that tell me what THEY will do to help make Canada a better place and a stronger country. not to the party that is so insecure that they need to try and tell me why the other guy is bad. I am getting so sick of politics in this country and that applies to all parties. Bt until Canadians stop being sheep and demand better we will get what we deserve.


Dave – are you for real!!! How soon you western conservatives, or PC, or Reform, or whatever the heck you guys call yourselves these days, seem to forget how Brian Mulroney completely crippled this country and subsequently lead to the demise of that party. Well I suppose in your defense that wasnt the reform party, that was the real conservative party. Lets call a spade a spade here. Chretien got too comfortable, arrogant, call it what you will, but he lead his party to its demise. And I am saying that as a Liberal supporter, so listen to yourself and look at the arrogance being shown by The Prime Minister and his little group of cronies and tell yourself, “‘How long do the Tories truly have to impose their will and Bush Style politics on people before they become so hated and dejected that the party he currently represents become the laughing stock of the country. We’re no safer, no better economically (when just a few short months ago we were told that we were in the best shape of any country in the G20) and certainly no better off democratically. They all have their low ball, ridiculous style of politics and hate towards each other that they forget how they got there. So you can soak that up like a good little sponge, or watch this party crash and burn in 3 years time, because Ontario will eventually get sick of western politics and Quebec will drop the NDP for the liberals again…And so goes the circle of Canadian politics

Dave From Ontario

Bob Rae, hmm, I remember him, O yes so long ago. 1990 I think. I remember waking up to news of them winning a majority. I thought it a nightmare. A year later and I was one of the 1.2 million on welfare. Governement spending up, way up. Taxes up, way up. Character assasination? I don’t think so, more like track record. hmm, re-election time. DId they win? No not at all, only a few seats. I would call that failure and the people spoke. Bob Rae PM!!!! no please, please don’t let it happen. I will move to USA if that happens.

The Watcher

The only reason the Tories got a majority was due to their character assassination of Iggy combined with calling voters to direct them to the wrong voting stations…oh yes, and In and Out Election Financing cheating


My man Bob is a principled statesmen. Period. None of his caliber to be found anywhere in the PC’s.


Ron said: “Is it tactical? you bet. Enjoy spending money your party doesn’t have trying to keep up.”That’s the whole point. The only way Harper can hope staying in power is by character assassination and by BUYING his position thanks to the money of the oil companies and big business. If this is what the Cons call democracy, Canada is really down the drain.


Builder Bob will have a hard time rebuiding his record.


So Harper’s taking the low road again? No surprise there.


I don’t care who is attacking whom. Bob Rae is not the material we need to lead Canada. He couldn’t balance the records for Ontario and Porogued Parliament 11 times. What would he do if he was in the top position of the country??Bye Bye Bobbie

go canada

to change the channel from the robo scandal? is that still around? all i saw was alot of finger pointing at the conservatives but still no evidence, nothing at all pointing at the conservatives, the liberals have been in trouble twice since this started, one for the attack on toews and one for the liberal guy who made phone calls and broke the rules, the way i see it, the robo gun doesn’t point at the cons, the liberals and the ndp should be like like the dinosaurs


Dave in Edmonton……perhaps before calling conservative supporters weak some fact checking would be in order. Before you call out others you should ensure your house is in order. The reason the Conservatives have a majority government is because those that voted for them don’t see the NDP as a viable alternative and were sick of Liberal lies, liberal influence peddling, the sponsorship scandal and a leader who hadn’t even lived in Canada for years. Should we mention the years of disregard shown the west and an arrogant PM who flipped the bird. The problem with so many of you is the memory of convenience. If you look historically at ever major mistake made in this country it’s been engineered by the Liberals.


Whining about every little thing makes you look weak !


Love to know what this costs you and I the taxpayers??Thought politicians were to represent Canadians.No thanks I want no part of this idiocy and immaturity


Did I miss an election call today? Whats with the ad?When is this government going to grow up, stop making attack ads against each other and do the job we elected them to do? This childish behavior needs to stop.


No Harper did not sell out to the States while i don’t think they will win the next election i think the liberals will lose even more seats.

E Hayley North Vancouver

The ad is despicable. Canadians should not be subjected to this kind of malevolent character assassination at any time. People are losing their jobs and suffering hardship in this country. And we have a government that spends its time insulting people, undermining democracy and cheating to get elected. The Harper government is an embarrassment! (It’s hard to imagine what the editors will deem to be unsuitable in light of the attack ad!)


Bob your character was assassinated when you were Premier of Ontario, and MCGuinty is doing the same. Both have put Ontario in the biggest deficit ever, and getting bigger. Rae need not blame the Cons. he made his bed so sleep in it.


What else can you say but True,True,True……No thanks BOB RAE,


“But Immigration Minister Jason Kenney defended the ads, saying Rae has made it clear he wants to be prime minister, and Canadians have a right to know his political record.”The time for Mr. Rae, or any of the party leaders for that matter, to apply for the job as PM is during an election. Let Mr. Rae explain his political record if he runs for PM as leader of the Liberals in the next election. At this point in time it is the politics of Mr. Harper and his Conservatives we should be considering. Stop with the political character assassinations between elections and do your job – run the country!!

David Fraser Nanoose Bay BC

When are politcians going to realize these attack ads do nothing for the makers of the ads and in my opinion only turn people against them. It doesn’t matter what political party makes them, it has no place in Canadian politics.


It’s the truth, he screwed up Ontario. He is not a man you want in charge of an entire country.

Anne Smith

Do not know why Harper is attacking Bob Rae and he will not be the NDP leader anyhow. Bob Rae did not do worse governing the province of Ontario than Dalton is doing, however, nobody attacks Dalton. Go figure.


What’s the matter Rae, don’t want people pointing out that you promised not to run for the leadership of the Liberal party? I’ll be interested to see how you talk your way out of that one.

You can whine all you like. You know the reality: campaigning occurs 100% of the time now. There are no breaks.

Is it tactical? you bet. Enjoy spending money your party doesn’t have trying to keep up.

But if you can’t handle the pressure, your sure as heck can’t handle being the head of a Government. (Hmm, you were once.. and look how that turned out).


I’d vote for Bob Rae before I’d ever vote for Harper, the man that is currently destroying Canada.

Right as Always

Pot meet kettle.


Even NDP must be relieved Liberals have him now….


The liberals are complaing that the conservatives are starting a smear compain which has all been the truth and don’t want Rae picked on..Saying that the conservatives should not bring up old dirt…….well why do the liberals keep talking about Mike Harris…..Harris is in the past and alot of people and things have changed since his time…..Rae thinks he had done nothing wrong to Ontario and hopes no one would remember or know.His thinking is still the same but this time on a federal outlook.


Harper is doing what he does best: ultra stong negative advertising. It worked in the past and, unfortunately, it will again as the opposition does not lower itself to those kinds of attacks. Harper has nothing positive to show for himself so he has to destroy the enemy with behind the belt blows. And he feels the need to do this 3 years before the election to divert the opinion from the Robocalls scandal, one of the worst scandal even in Canadian politics!Harper is attacking Bob Rae on stuff which happened years ago. What does Harper have to show for that very same period of time, when he was leader of the Reform party? Oh, yeah, not so pretty, he?


But the ads are fact-Rae until McGuinty was the worst premier in Ontario’s history.


Ray has a very bad record so it is time he cooled his heels. he has to much Baggage of his own


In this case it takes a massive failures like 150 BILLION dollar debt Harper, to know one.


Truth hurts. The smear jobs done on Harper make this ad seem like a mild insult.


Character assassination? Since when is the truth character assassination?

Senior taxpayer

Listen, if Harper wants to participate in the selection of the next federal liberal leader he should join the Liberal Party of Canada.

Dave in Calgary

QuestionWhat is different about Vicki Leaks and this Attack Ad?Is this attack ad as truthful as what was released in Vicki Leaks?I dislike both.

Hilton Shand

While Bob Rae was Premier of Ontario, the Federal government under the Mulroney Conservatives was downloading debt to the Provinces. ALL of the provinces increased their deficits while the Mulroney Conservatives formed the Federal government. Conservative Federal governments download debt to the Provinces. When Trudeau left office in 1984 aggregate Provincial Government debt was 24 %GDP. From 1984 until 1992, while Mulroney was in office, aggregate Provincial Government debt increased 37 %GDP by 1992. From 1993 to 2006, under the Chretien and Martin Liberals, aggregate Provincial Government debt increased from 37 %GDP to 42 %GDP. When Harper took office aggregate Provincial debt was 42% GDP, and now it is 50 %GDP. In fact, on an annual basis, the Harper Conservatives are downloading debt to the Provinces as fast a Mulroney did.


Let’s have a little more scrutiny of Harper’s record. Remember when he was leader of the opposition how anxious he was to spend Canadian blood and treasure in that quagmire of a war in Iraq. Fortunately Chretien had the good sense to keep us out of that folly.


What is not factual in the add.Rae should get out of the kitchen if he can’t stand the heat

James, Ontario

Are we supposed to forget that the Liberals have been using these kinds of adds for a long time too?

Jenna J.

Character assassination. That’s a good one. Bob Rae killed his own reputation long ago.


Oh my goodness the conservative haters are certainly out in full force today. I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about, it’s completely true that Bob Rae couldn’t lead his way out of a wet paper bag, he messed up Ontario and that is all fact. By the way so far we have seen that it was a liberal behind the vikileaks when they denied it, proof the liberal candidate was behind robocalls in guelph but it was an “oversight” the party wasn’t identified in the call, which is against the elections act by the way. So the way I see it, there is a whole lot of proof the liberals are dirty and no evidence the conservatives have done anything wrong. Prime Minister Harper has been the best Prime Minister this country has had in a very long time. I hope he is able to continue to lead this country for decades to come!!!!!!!

Greg Orbman

And Taxpayers are paying for a large proportion of these attack ads. The Conservatives eliminated the equitable per vote subsidy; however, they have retained those subsidies that the Conservatives receive proportionally more (tax credit and campaign refunds). Our money is helping them to pay for these attack ads. Also, the Conservatives are using Taxpayer money to pay for the advertisements for the Conservative Economic Action Plan (so called), which are Conservative propaganda

Zoltan from Saskatchewan

Here’s a thought….Outlaw the use of any type of media form or electronic device/technology to get your political parties views out or influence an election vote.The end result will be politicians actualy working for the money and pension they make. Oh and I am sure they will not attack their opponents so vicously if they have to speak to their constituents face to face. Time for change…….

David in NB

“Mike Harris and Jim Flaherty destroyed Ontario, Rae tried to clean up their mess”Really? For your information, Mike Harris was Premier of Ontario AFTER Mr. Rae.

Hilton Shand

Typical Conservatives. The fact is that the Harper Conservatives are operating huge deficit, and unemployment is high. While, Bob Rae was premier of Ontario Mulroney was in office, and Mulroney pursued the same Conservative trickle down economic policies; which lead to high unemployment and huge deficits. The economy always goes into decline when Conservatives form the Federal government.

Mark – Alberta

bcken said “Do I smell fear among the CPC elite?”LOL Funny how many times I’ve read your exact comment from other Liberal apologists.Considering that this majority government doesn’t have to call an election for a number of years, the Conservatives have nothing to fear. The CPC has the money to make these ads. But keep on hoping because that’s all the Liberals have right now.


The New Conservative Reform Party platform Deflect , Deny , Withhold , Tie it up in the courts using taxpayers money until the other side can’t afford to fight for JUSTICE or just gives up in frustration.

Mark – Alberta

Dave in Edm said “Mike Harris and Jim Flaherty destroyed Ontario, Rae tried to clean up their mess”Obviously Rae didn’t do a good then, did he? Considering that Ontario voted Rae’s socialist government out as fast as they could. But then re-elected as a good ol’ Liberal which tells you a lot about Toronto voters.


Dave in Edm,Harris and Flaherty came in after Rae, and did much on their own (as you state) to destroy Ontario, and they did it in so-called boom times. Rae played with the cards he was dealt and did not cheat.

Mark – Alberta

Funny, but lefties love to bring up the ‘hidden agenda’ when they can’t seem of anything better to attack the Conservatives with. I’ve seen and heard Liberals use that exact phrase. Or lefties love to refer to the Conservatives as ‘Reform’ members.It’s a two way street, Bob!

Once botten, twice shy.

It’s true, people that know of the Rae days even gave them the nickname, “Rae Days” And how can he blame it on the recession when Ontario had the worst income tax in North America… was it just a Ontario recession? If so, he caused it with his backward tax to make government rich ideas!

Linda in Vancouver

Democracy is why the west abandoned the Liberals in droves.Some democracy we have when socialists from Ontario rule of all of Canada. And then some dufus claims that NAFTA lost jobs in Canada.Wrong,for sure.But it brings back memories of a Liberal campign promise.Then won an election with the battle cry “we will cancel the FTA and the GST.” How well did that work out after they got their brand new majority? How arrogant end entitled are Canadians getting when they think the world owes them a job,no matter how much they demand to be paid,or how poor their service? You don’t lose your job because a government doesn’t do your bidding.You lose it because you charge more than the job is worth,or don’t do it properly. For what it’s worth,every time the NDP was in power in BC,our economy went down the toilet too.Oh sure.Civil servants always got their raises. But the rest of us either got laid off or moved out of BC. Now,the LPC is just another socialist party.We call them “NDP Lite” out here. As to the ad,it appears to just speak the truth.I see nothing wrong with that.Although I would prefer to see postive communications much more often.


Gotcha Bob!!!The past never goes away Bob it is always there.There are no lies in the ad it is all true.


If you can’t take the heat, Bob, stay out of the kitchen!! Bob, who never saw a soapbox he didn’t like, just loves to dish out complete nonsense about our PM. Canadians know full well that our PM is doing an excellent job leading our country, in uncertain economic times. Socialist Bob, who destroyed Ontario’s economy for generations to come, never learned the first lesson about politics. Politics is above all the acquisition and retention of power…unfortunately for you, Bob, and happily for Canadians, you and your incompetent Liberals will never get the chance again…

Right as Always

Well, once again, the Conservatives are making the most intelligent argument they are capable of… Very, very sad and pathetic. Barely 6 months into his ‘stable majority’ and Harper reverts to this disgraceful level of desperation. I feel only pity for Steven Harper. Better a failure than a catastrophe, I say. What a sad person he must be.


We have to stop these oxymoronic bullies!!! They teaching bad examples for children, democracy, society, the conservatives are the the lowest trash hag to democracy!!!


Unethical! Waste of the taxpayers money. Harper should be ashamed.

Bubba in Redcliff

Canadians do need to know the truth about Rae, and what his policies did to Ontario. Especially considering that Mr. Rae may wish to be the new Liberal party leader.
And to “Bob in Courtenay” if the conservatives are cheating, I would say that they are using the SAME TACTICS that the liberals used for years.
And we all know how “honest” the liberals, federal, and liberal have been.
Think of Campbell, McGinty, Chretien, etc.
All politicians are crooked to some extent.


@ Dave in Edm: Harris Flaherty came AFTER Bob Rae – though I agree that they made things worse for Ontario in many ways.


Actually Jim, NAFTA was signed by the conservatives but negotiated and agreed to by the Liberals. Sound familiar? Time to stop trying to re-write history.


Why are we so surprised about anything the Conservatives put out publicly.The only sad part of it is there are so many Canadians will accept it as gospel truth.Sad days for our great country.


Character assassination? That’s rich coming from the liberals. Remember the “American style aircraft carriers”?, or “hidden agenda”? “Will reopen the abortion question”?. How about “armed troops on our streets . . we’re not kidding”! Your outright LIES compared to pointing out the simple truth……YOU LOST THE ELECTION, time you got over it.

George V.

Bob Rae will run for the leadership of the Liberal party that will take us into the next election. I sure hope so. He will because he is a Liberal they are known for not keeping their word no matter how many leadership rules they make. Canada’s largest province has a clear recollection of how bad things were under his leadership. Why are all the lefties getting their shirt in a knot they know it’s the truth they just don’t want to be reminded of it and they are hoping the Canadian voters don’t know or have forgotten. This isn’t going to happen because there are millions of voters in Ontario that will remember and they will be there as a constant reminder for the all the voters in the next election.

Canadian Bob

Conservative attack ads are the epitome of a fearful position created by themselves. Let’s face it… If anyone can support them, they are linked to the desperation that Harper and Company are so completely out of touch with leadership, with keeping promises, with parliamentary respect and laws, and with the whole electoral process, that they must resort to this measure that seems only to fool the fools. Perhaps selling their product on its merits is more in tune with achieving a majority than drawing attention away from their own boondoggles by such pathetic attempts as these ads, they might actually earn some votes, respect, and truly do something for Canadians. That is after all what the government is supposed to do, not that such a goal is of interest to a Conservative.



Facts are fact people and you can not argue them. Richest province in Canada, Alberta, Conservative for 19 years. The poorest province in Canada, Ontario, Liberal for 9 years. I love this Harper government…. and their adds.

Jail the Serious Criminals

Reduce the Bloated Federal Government

Revitalize Immigration.

Love it All Stephen

Glen in Ottawa

@Dave in Edmonton, Bob Rae was in power before Mike Harris, and Harris not only dragged Ontario from the edge of ruin, his firing up of the Ontario economy, along with the GST and free trade gave the federal Fiberals so much cash they could not spend it fast enough to go into deficit. If Chretian had not lied and actually cancelled free trade or the GST the country would have gone broke then. Once in power they would not even say how much cash was rolling in and under estimated income every year. Alberta has never suffer Rae Days.

Nolan Moore

Dave in Edm: Harris and Flaherty tried to clean up Raes’ mess. He was before them and almost bankrupted the province.

Aaron in Toronto

@ Dave in Edm. Bob Rae did not clean up the mess left by Mike Harris. Quite the opposite as Mike Harris took over Ontario after Bob Rae and due to the fact that some of the big union ditch the Ontario NDP so Bob did not get re-elect and he left and become a professor teaching political science until he run again as an MP as a Federal Liberal.I do agree that we do not need this type of political ad at all. People who donate $ to the Federal Conservative should re-think as this is a waste of $ at the time when there is no election taking place.@ Robert. Would you like to bet that the CON would end up with no seat and no party?


@Dave in Edm – Actually it was the other way around. Bob Rae was Premier from 90-95 during which time Ontario ended up in its worst recession since the Depression, from which it has never fully recovered. Mike Harris didn’t come into office until ’95, and despite all the criticism he still receives he did win two consecutive majorities. Even though its been 9 years since the Liberals took over they still haven’t changed back anything Harris did that they claim to oppose. I don’t like attack ads in general, especially when its not an election year, but I do see where they’re going with this one. Knowing what he did to Ontario, I wouldn’t trust him leading the country either.

Nolan Moore

Rae was absolutely the worst Premiere we’ve ever had. Remember Rae days? he was voted Upstate New York Man of the year, why? Because he drove businesses out of Ontario. Remember his Social Contract? Libs would be done forever if he does take over.


Why do the Tories always have to take the low road? These attack ads are disgusting!

John D

One day in the earlier 1990’s, when Bob Rae was Premier of Ontario, my stock broker called and advised me to buy some Gov’t of Ontario bonds.They were paying 21.6%. Gov’t bonds are about the safest bonds you can buy, and thus usually pay a low, conservative percentage (look at what interest rate Canada Savings Bonds give today).My broker stated that Rae had so grossly overspent and put Ontario so far in debt that the province now had to now paythis exorbatant amount to borrow any more money. ___ I first expressed concern about ever getting my money back. However, my brokerreassured me, saying that “The people of Ontario elected Rae because of wanting a change, not realizinghow harmful he and his NDP ideas would actually be”. But, he said, “They won’t be fooled again next election. A different party will get in, try to get things back under control, and you will get your money back – along with this insane interest. And no province has ever defaulted”. ___ So I bought some 10-year bonds.And, as my broker predicted, in 10 years I did get all my money back along with the 21.6% annual interest. ____ The sad thing is that the people of Ontario were the big losers.And, as some bonds are for 25 years or more, they are still paying off some of this debt, along with 20 % interest – the cost of giving Bob Rae control of running the province of Ontario for four short years.


Yes Rae was a failure as Premier, he did many things that were unacceptable, and especially Rae days , who could forget that one. Dalton is following in his footsteps by his poorly run Province. Rae wants to be PM so he can run the country into the ditch,—– No thanks. Rae needs to quit politics he has not moved with the times.

k markham

Maybe the Liberals should come out with an ad to remind us of the Mike Harris years. I think all will agree the Harris conservatives did an even worse job than Rae’s NDP. Fair to say that Rae made some mistakes, but so have the most successful business owners, until they got it right. Mistakes shape you and make you a better leader, if you pay attention and learn from them. Rae learned that the NDP is a bad choice so he joined the Liberal party.

William Short (Bill)

If the cons are going after Bob Rae, then they are obviously frightened of him.


Dave in EdmontonHarris was Premier AFTER Bob Rae

Ontario Taxpayer

Dave in Edmonton really shows the Liberal mindset when it comes to rewriting history. Last time I looked, Rae was the Premier of Ontario from 1990 to 1995, before Harris. Rae destroyed Ontario’s economy, Harris picked up the pieces, put the province back on track financially. Now a Liberal named McGuinty has destroyed this [provinces finances, and blames Alberta. Liberals really do like to rewrite history to suit their lame arguments!

Bob in Courtenay

How is it the Cons could climb out of the gutter and take control of Canada? Why cheating of course. If the Cons do it, it must be the Christian thing to do.


Canadians don’t need these ads, we already know Harper is a failure. Keep up the good work Bob.


when the next election arrives we will see where the conservatives are…I’m predicting no seats and no party

Dave in Edm

MMike Harris and Jim Flaherty destroyed Ontario, Rae tried to clean up their mess… Either way, we don’t need negative attack ads when their won’t be an election for anotehr 3 years, this is just mere propaganda and it shows how weak conservatives and their supporters truly are…

SF Thomas, Ottawa

This is probably just a cheezy attempt to change the channel on the robo-call issue right before the budget is released. Whether Rae deserves the characterization or not aside it honestly strikes at desperation on the Conservative’s part. There isn’t an election until 2015 and Bob Rae is the interim leader of the Liberals. As for Harper’s economic record, what record? This is the guy that was denying the recession would effect Canada at all and we’d still be posting surpluses after the crash in 2008 until he was threatened to be kicked out of office and then prorogued parliament to avoid that.

Jack R

Because when I want a party to lead Canada, I don’t want one that has a solid economic track record or one that concentrates on the success’s of it’s party. I want one that bullies everyone, is involved in vote rigging and robo calls, and spends it’s money on attack ads. Politics should be about mocking everyone after all.God how I loathe the Conservative Party of Canada. How can we dare to rebuke leaders like Putin when Harper is EXACTLY the same. How the hell can the guy even look in the mirror and call himself a Canadian. He makes me sick and so do his apologist supporters.

RK in MB

Typical Conservative mindset, try and convince the voter that the other guy is worse. Whatever happened to trying to convince voters you are better? Oh, I guess that idea died with all the BS we’ve been through so far. I can’t say I’m surprised though, the idealogues need to demonize something so they can show how righteous they are. Too bad not many people are going to buy it this time.

Joe C, London

Did I miss something here? Did the Governor General dissolve parliament suddenly and call an election? Is there a reason they need to campaign right now?

Steve C

These ads…truthful or not, needed or not, in good taste or not… wouldn’t be an attempt to distact from the ROBOcall scandal now would they?Also, why are they spending donation money attacking the interim leader of one of the non-official opposition parties?Wether you agree with these ads or not, you’ve got to agree that they are a waste by attacking the wrong guy no?

Hey Stoopid

Hey Stevie Harper. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This isn’t the school yard. Bullies don’t belong in Ottawa. Where not the United States. Stop trying to make us like them.

Jason Daniel Baker, Toronto

An American style attack ad released in between elections and the Harperites wonder why people think they might have used misleading robocalls?I’m no fan of Rae’s, the Liberals or even the NDP but this governing party consistently goes too far and makes me uncomfortable.

Nath, Ontario

funny in a sad way. This reminds us (not that we forgot) about the history of Bob Rae and at the very same time is showing us Canadians the low level of Conservatives. What is happening to our civil, informed (not mis-lead) Canadian campaigns?

B in Alta

Typical conservative actions! Drag things up that happened years ago and belittle. This time, though, we have a choice. If you really are tired of hearing about these ads, and if they start showing up on TV or radio, we have the option of lodging a complaint with the CRTC and demanding these are removed. This goes for any political party that pulls this stuff off. We don’t need americanized political bs going on in this country. I and my relatives and acqaintances have all agreed that if we see these ads coming into our homes uninvited, we will immediately lodge our complaints demanding removal of same. We find these disgusting, belittling and depressing. Harper, man up for once in your life, tell us what you are going to do instead of deflecting, belittling and attacking.


Sure Rae was not the best yes we had Rae days etc but Harper doing this now i don’t see the point.

Jerry in NL

SMEAR CAMPAIGN.I can’t believe how sick this Reform/Con party really is. This was Bob Rae long before the coalition of Reform and Conservatives took place, a great deal has changed in all that time but Harper and his cronies are still looking for attack ads against everyone who dares to even question the terrible government they are running. Give us good honest government and get your own house in order, you took a multi Billion Surplus and ran in into Billions and Billions of deficit every year and try to tell us you are good financial planners, we beg to differ!!

Tiny Shadow

I think it’s about time for the Government to grow up.


The CONS are the smear and trash gang

Joe McS

@Trey and others, it is taxpayers money when the party has to moderate, review and approve the video for your unpleasant viewing. and are you positive this ad has not already been paid for from previous commitments from this party with the company producing it? I wonder if the producer is Americal, like most CON outsourcing requirements like Robocalling, Sign Making, PR Image Portfolios, spending taxpayer money on Deloitte which is a US company, and the many other examples i could cite here. Indirect costs are the name of the game here and they’re Canadian taxpayer moneys/time wasted for these attack ads,

David for Democracy

Canadians, wake up and smell the effects of the Conservative Reform Alliance Party; Harper is touting again!!! First and foremost, any party that has to run ATTACK ADS three years prior to an election definitely must have to divert Canadian’s attention from the real issues of today. What is it Stevie, more damaging robocall evidence about to be made public, about to release a budget that supports oil companies and large corporations while hitting the SENIORS, has Election Canada found more Conservative irregularities,…. Tell us the REAL REASON for the attack ads. Second, with an election 3 years away, Bob Rae may not even be leader of the Liberal Party but CONServatives do see him as a threat. Thirdly, how far back do the CONServatives go to try and smear someone. Bob Rae was Premier of Ontario from 1990 to 1995, what were you doing at that time Harper?? If memory serves correctly you were a Reform MP and here is a quote that you made in a speech to National Citizens’ Coalition dinner at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ontario “Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion. ” So if you want to go back to 1995 and make it relevant today Mr. Harper, Do you support a Canada with all 10 provinces and 3 territories? Or does it really make a difference to you; a lot of Canadians east of Ontario wonder if we are a part of YOUR CANADA.

Gareth Jones

Really Guys, GROW UP Harper !!!!!

Abby Calgary

Mr. Harper if you attack Mr. Rae for his past – how about you calling Maritimers “culture of defeat” – Canada does not need “bilinguism” and many nonsensical words that came out of your mouth when you were a staunch Reform member. Don’t you worry chickens will come to roost.

Mark in Wpg

Here’s a thought: the Liberals know that Rae ran Ontario in to the ground. They also know that the Cons are a one trick pony in that they rely entirely on attack adds and smear campaigns as they have no actual substance or record to stand on. The Liberals keep Rae on top as a lightning rod, and the Cons waste thousands of dollars on childish name calling.


While I don’t support attack ads the Liberals should have never chosen Bob Rae because he is only in it for himself and not the good of the party or the good of the country,


I am not a Rae fan after what he did as ON NDP premier, so no matter where he goes he’ll be Failure to me. But, PCs, don’t get your chops showing either, you’re left to be desired too.


Jim Lad said: “So it’s fine for the left wing media to bully the Conservatives and to boost the opposition but as soon as the Conservatives fight back you cry foul.”As far as I know only Harper has been the king of negative ads and he does so even outside of election time! He has always tried to destroy his future opponents before election time with incredibly negative advertising. The opposition has been way more restrained in negative ads. It is not “bullying” the government, it is only asking the Government to be accountable to the Canadian voters. Why would the Libs provide their Robocall scripts and records but the conservative government refuse to do the same. If they are so clean and have nothing to hide, why to put the proofs on the able? Harper is a big failure for democracy but, the word he should have stamped on his face on all ads should be his main talent: LIAR.


Total DISGUST. The Conservative Party sure has lots of DIRTY MONEY to spend on negative advertising. Mr. Harper, you are a failure.


Pretty funny that a week after we get the “clean” campaign speech from the Conservatives. We get yet another completely unnecessary negative campaign against an opposition leader. I guess if you have nothing nice to say, might as well just be nasty.

Brian Fr Langley

Talk about truth in advertising. Juxtaposing truly failed politicians next to truly successful politicians.


That’s fine. He is, as they say, an interim leader. But, that being said and understood, the Conservative party is now true to form – attack, attack, attack. Their attacks are not very often correct in the sense that the truth is embellished but we, who know better, don’t believe their lies at all. Let them attack more. Robocalls will get them in the end and their backtracking on several major issues only prove the incompetence of the Conservative forum and party. Can’t wait now for the criticism of this from those who believe in the fallacies of the Cons.

Niagara George

I suffered through the Rae Days. My wages were frozen for years. My pension will be affected for the rest of my life because of Bob Rae and the NDP policies. I WOULD VOTE FOR RAE, INSTEAD OF HARPER, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR!


I would love for some one to go as far back as when Haper was leader of the reform party and pull out all those anti-democratic statements he made back then, then take a look at our last election that gave him a majority. We sit here saying Bob is a failure and could never change, does that go for Stevie too? If so… Look out because some of the things Harper has said in the past are very scary!


This isn’t an ad released to the general public through regular media, its on their party website. Hence whats the big deal? They’re preaching to the converted. The NDP and Liberal party websites have pro-Liberal/NDP stuff on their sites and then go on and slam the Conservatives. Give me a break. Why is this even a news story?


When teh CONS where a minority Government and the heat was on, what did they do? Prorogue…Well now they are Majority and again feeling the heat…What can they do? Oh, can’t prorogue..ah yes let’s do attack ads…The CONS are up to no good anyways…


Hardly an attack ad to state a simple truth. The libs NDP are happy to shriek and bleat about how evil the conservatives are, how Harper is such a dictator, and will bring life as we know it to an end, but the sky is falling if the conservatives make a simple factual statement. Hypocracy at its worst. Perhaps some people really need to grow up.

Up North

Conservatives on the run – an attack ad running a little early.

Big Bob in Ottawa

Yes Bob ran in into the ground but Harper is doing it now and nationally. That’s more relevant than focusing on ancient history which was compounded by a failed regime under Harris here in Ontario.


Lest we forget the time when Bob Rae ran the show – into the ground.

Jim Lad

So it’s fine for the left wing media to bully the Conservatives and to boost the opposition but as soon as the Conservatives fight back you cry “Foul”.


With this ad , it appears that one of the side questions that the Conservatives are posing is , whether or not , Canadians want to see the adoption of negative advertising in our election campaigns . It is a legitimate question and one for all Canadians to think about , hopefully before the next election .

Hamruniz, Oshawa

It’s funny that some comments are in defense of Rae knowing how he had wrecked the province of Ontario. What’s the point of the Ads some ask? Others say Rae is only an “Interim Leader” and as such he should not be criticized. Others say that the government is running scared! How naive to say the least. The point is that Rae is the leader of the Liberal Party, interim or not. As such track record. That’s politics. So shouldn’t these same people be demonizing Ed Broadbent for daring to point out the shortcomings of Muclair? It seems that only the Conservative Party is not allowed to criticize other party leaders.What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Just get used to it!

west coast life

Two words…SMEAR CAMPAIGN. Nice work cons. your desparation is showing!

Niagara George

What a surprise. The party known for their record as the ‘Canadian Attack Ad Champions’ is now attacking an opposition leader. Who would have ever guessed they could stoop that low. And on top of that, they are singing the praises of their own leader. I simply can’t believe it! To paraphrase our good friend, who says everything so well… This, of course, will cause all the anti-Liberal crybabies to soil their diapers and run to daddy. (There’s a good chance mommey votes Liberal, so there is no sense going to her.) They can let loose on the Liberal lovers all day long, and spew their hateful nonsense until the cows come home, but, as has been proved here many times, they certainly can’t withstand an advertorial flick between the eyes in return. Always dishing it out first, but never being able to take it, in return. Of course, that is what they learned from their illustrious King Steve. Keep it up friends. You give us all a good laugh.


I think it is good for us as citizens to see all sides and make an informative vote. This is not tearing down it is simply telling us what we NEED to know.


Really, what a cheap ploy to try to discredit people like Bob Rea and shift the focus from the election trickery and deceit. A red herring that most likely will snap off at their fingers taking into account the low levels of respect they now hold.


oh, i truly missed this. It’s been a while.


I love how the younger generations in Ontario that didn’t live through Bob Rae’s ruination of our province and everyone else outside of Ontario seems to be attacking the Conservatives saying Bob Rae doesn’t deserve it. The ad is true, Bob Rae ruined Ontario, it’s a fact. Stop pretending it didn’t happen. Learn your history, or at least learn to pay attention to other provinces than your own.

Raich Laronge

Harper’s attack ads are his best tool, his security blanket. For Harper these are soothing. He know that people will believe anything they have repeated @ them often enough. It’s part of Harper’s indoctrination propaganda. It had a lot more to do with why he’s PM right now, than any vote supression campaign. Harper has a solid core of true believers who will deny any wrongdoing on the part of Harper even if it were proven, which is less likely than the possibility that he had specific knowlege of electoral wrong doing. For the un-indoctrinated, the CpC ‘s behavior and court records bespeak a truth that’s not an endorsement of it’s honesty. Truth and fact, the true believers feel no need to aknowlege. True believers don’t need truth they have faith. Truth and knowlege have no effect in de-programing true believers. If Harper is so honest and has confidence in his mandate, why did he feel the need to reveal his plans for OAS only after the election. No way he’d be PM today if he had. He has to carpet-bomb us again with his attack ads in order to achieve his goals of destroying the LpC. Apparently this is a good thing for 24% of canadians. No wonder democracy in Canada is ailing so seriously. It’s hard to believe that such a large # of canadians could be so willing to overlook such an obviously anti-democratic agenda. All of this points to a public dangerously close to being as suggestible as people of 1936 Germany.


I’m sorry , is there an election soon ? Or are just kicking the premier of Ontario for the NDP Bob Rae when he’s down ?Politicians like to throw mud at each other. I don’t see the story here.

Allan in Calgary

For those of you who say taxpayer dollars don’t go to these ads, you are wrong. Indirectly all donations result in a political donation receipt which reduces a persons taxes. If there are not enough dollars to pay for services its either cuts or increased taxes, so these do impact the tax payer. As a long time Conservative supporter I can’t support a party that uses these tactics. Its about time voters decide they won’t take it anymore. I want to know why I should vote for someone and not why I shouldn’t vote for the other guy. I think this is just an attempt to distract from the Robocall scandal. Also, for all of you who said there are more important things to do rather than worry about a few phone calls, like the economy. Maybe tell your friend Harper to focus on the economy rather than these ads. They only have the effect of annoying the voter.


Unfortunately, these negative adverts will work, as they do in the US. A public that’s typically very satisfied with the trashy programs offered on TV will suck this stuff up with relish and swallow it line and sinker. Rather depressing, I’d say.


Harper is good at shooting himself in the foot. It’s time to take the upper road and refrain from using these attack ads. If he keeps it up, he will be a one term Prime Minister.


What we have here is a attempt by the CONs party to sour you, the voter, from wanting to stay up on current politics. They would like you to just become disgusted, mad, not engage and therefore not vote. Then their little peppering statements they make in parliament (protected from prosecution under privilege and a lot of times seemly based on mistruth) will seem more credible, after all they are the ultimate architects of confusing, knee jerk falsehoods that work so well with the “under-informed populace” ! … are they about to play some giant dirty trick to avoid bi-elections in close races that they won VIA fraud in the last election ?

Ed2 BC

Instead of investigating where democracy has been defrauded, they run these ConReformAllianceProgressive (CRAP)ads. What does that tell you about Harper? Dirty politics are his game. What a shame he is for us Canadians.


Hmm seems the Conservatives are more blood thirsty then I thought, or maybe it is paranoid. They feel they must always be on the offensive. I personaly am getting tired of all this politics of hate.

To be honest I can’t say I am impressed with the CPC so far. The Canadian middle class has been taking a big hit from them,when a country’s health can be measured by it’s middle class. The cost of living is jumping like crazy. They are heavy handed in so many things including government management and their support of companies like Air Canada. They can’t take credit for how well our banking system helped during this recession. Buying jets with no engines, warships that take 30 years to build when warships tend to have life spans of only 30years. I could go on.

In Rae’s defence at the time he was PM of Ontario it was popular around the world to run deficits. Basicly all governments were doing it.


Okay what’s the point of taking out attack ads, against a man who can’t even run for Prime Minister anyway?

The Central Scrutinizer

“Finally, as the ad ends, Harper says “it is within our grasp to become a country that is as prosperous, as united and as strong as it can be — the best country in the world but always striving to be more.” “Yeah, but only by turfing the Cons electing anyone else.

B in Ottawa

I love these ads. For those of you who say taxpayers funded them, you’re wrong. Conservative party supporters fund them. We donate money so our party can run ads so we can win elections. You might want to try it sometime. It’s just that we Conservatives have to run more ads to counter the liberal media in this country who will do anything to stop the Conservatives plans for a more prosperous, united and strong Canada. If that’s what we have to do to get our message out, that’s what we’re going to do.


Tax dollars are not used for campaigning. It’s money from donations.


In a time when we try to teach our children not to bully others, especially in public domains, the Conservatives continue these non-election time attack ads. How is this acceptable leadership? Ontario recently passed anti-bullying legislation for schools, yet our federal leaders care not to lead by example. This is shameful and disheartening.


I lived through Bob Rae’s “Ontario Plan”. It took me several years to recover. I don’t see antything but truth in the AD. Call it attack AD if you want, it is the truth. Many ADs conme out telling the truth about polititians, hey, if you can’t stand the heat then maybe you should quit. However; if you deside to stick around then your past record is fair game; especially when it is as bad as it is in this case.


I don’t understand the point of this ad. There is no election coming that I know of. Bob Rae is not the permanent leader of the Liberal party. Are the Conservatives afraid that Bob Rae has become too popular? Then we have the pro-Harper ad. Why is this ad necessary? Shouldn’t Canadians be able to see the accomplishments of the current government at face value? Are there too many scandals clouding the issues? Who is to blame for that? The people pointing the fingers or the people at the other end?


Do I smell fear among the CPC elite?


Is this the only song the Conservatives know how to sing?


Harper’s new attack ad says Ontario has “turned into the welfare capital of Canada”. Why would Canada’s Prime Minister say something like that? It is clearly not acceptable.


My Guess is these adds are likely more for the Toronto riding as the one who lost the election there is going to court to try to get a rerun of the election for that particular riding since it was close. Personally I do not like attack ads but they are used by all the political parties, as they believe they work.

peter in BC

We need to keep these childish attack ads only for election times. Canadians don’t want them (reading comments below suggests so) and frankly, the childish political bantering that goes on daily in the house needs to stop. Harper has his majority. Focus on the task at hand and leave the bickering, attack ads and political gesturing until election time. Show Canada that you and your party are professionals.


Having Harper and his gang against you would be a compliment. Though there won’t be an election for another 3 years, Bob Ray is already making Harper nervous. Amazing!


There is no question that Rae’s record in Ontario is the elephant in the room. This is a shot across the bow for the Liberal party who may be thinking about crowning Rae as their leader next year. The media as usual will criticize but you don’t start campaigning a week before a potential vote. The Conservatives are setting up the Liberals and will I am sure set up the new leader of the NDP at some point.


It’s official. The Tories are scared. Keep that pressure on, Canada!

Rick W in BC

Don’t tell me I have to watch more of this Conservative party BS for another 3 years. Every time they pull this crap it is to keep up from noticing the crappy job they are in fact doing. They love to bring up things from years gone by to attack people with. Ok hows this – during the last Conservative Majority Government, Unemployment was rising and the out of control deficit resulted in the creation of the GST, a personal income tax surtax and the creation of nonrefundable tax credits. More money was removed from the pockets of hardworking Canadians and into the corporate rich than at any other time before, until now. By the way I voted Conservative, what a bloody mistake that was.


Maybe its just me, but I think that regardless of a persons political persuasion, voters would rather see a politician tell us the truth about themselves than a bunch of propaganda (with no chance for rebuttal) of another candidate.
It stinks of desperation, and its really petty. Its disappointing to see party donations made in good faith used in this way. Just juvenile.

K Markham

Why does Harper feel the need to run this ad now, why do the Conservatives feel the need to create more and more division in this country. Why are they always so negative. Maybe instead of wasting money on a pathetic ad like this they could donate the money to causes that need funding. A total waste of funds. What if Carney becomes the new leader of the Liberal party, what attack ads will they pull out to attack him. Get real Mr Harper.


This is why Rae should not be the permanent Liberal leader (I’m fine with a non-election interim leader), he simply carries too much baggage from his past. The mess in Ontario wasn’t all his fault, but fair or not, he’ll never win an election because of it.


Your tax dollars at work. What a great government we have for the next three years.

Ken – Calgary

I hope the people that put this government in place are proud.

robert john

anyone surprised, this is typical con.. deny, deny, deny, blame someone else, and then attack.. these guys are a disgrace to Canada


I have no problem with political ads taking an opponent to task for his or her track record. Everything in this ad is true, so it’s a perfectly fair contribution to the discussion Canadians should always be having about their leaders. And of course, if the Liberals want to issue an ad about Stephen Harper’s track record, so be it.

Redneck Albertan

For those of you who missed it, the ads, as reported in the story, were posted on the CPC’s WEBSITE. I’m sure if you went to the Lib’s or NDP’s sites, you would see the same type of propaganda.


It is a no-brainer and history speaks for itself–Rae is a failure. If not, then will somebody give me examples of his successes?


Seriously?!?!?! There is no election right now!! Yet the Conservatives feel the need to run attack ads?? What kind of party is this?!! Makes me sick that I actually voted for them!?

KJ in Calgary

Personally I am frustrated at having my tax dollars used in this way. Tired of the attack ads. With each one comes a reduced level of respect.


All parties use attack ads. The Conservatives are just better at it. You may not like them but they work.. Times have get so get over it. Who said politics is a clean sport.


I hope taxpayer dollars are not going into this. Stephen Harper and his party can behave like 9 year olds out in the schoolyard at recess all they like as long as it’s on their dime from money they get from their business buddies but not on taxpayer money…as many have stated we are not even having an election so why the American dirt throwing ads….unless Stephen likes to sit and giggle as he watches them

Steve T

Whenever I see a negative ad, I make a mental note to pay no heed to the party that ran it and make certain I don’t vote for that party in the forthcoming election. That’s how badly they turn me off. Ads should be about substance. Not character assassination.


It’s over for the cons this time round. It’s starting to get embarrassing now. I’ve never seen another party sell out to the US as they have. It’s borderline criminal. Robo-calling is criminal and back to work legislation is right behind it. See ya Stevie.

Steve in Manotick

This absolutely disgusting.. Why don’t the cons concentrate on keeping jobs in Canada. not slinging garbage like this at the public

Adam, alberta

maybe the blues should actually focus on governing, instead of making attack ads at the opposition. This is just a desperate move from a desperate party….

Cambob in Toronto

People who think this is some kind of Conservative campain spree should be aware that the Rae/Liberals have launched a huge campain in Toronto recently. “We’re listening/changing/blah blah blah” billboards, posters and e-ads are everywhere. The real question should be; after the abhorrent showing in the last election, how can the Liberals afford to be campaining at this time? Who is funding them? Who has the financial clout to start campaining for a crippled party 3 years before the next possible election? In other words: who are the Liberals selling themselves to this time around?

Island Guy

I really done see the point of these ads. Unless of course its a red herring/cheap illusion to move the focus of attention from the real deceit. Or, in fact they see Rae gaining momentum and are indeed afraid of a surge in liberal support.

Two Faced

There are many who cannot stand Bob Rae he was not the nicest to Michael Ignatieff at all, one of his so called friends, and now appears to be wanting to be Leader of Liberals they now have dropped the “interim” part of it..nothing like in 2015 to have some old coot at the helm of Canada. Bob Rae was totally against North American Free Trade – was totally not interested in keeping Ontario workers in good paying jobs and in the end made a mess of everything, and walked away with a Million Dollars in his pocket when he left the NDP Ontario Party, not too many get to do this. Anxious to hear Adam Carrol into Committee it will be an eye opener for sure who else is involved besides himself, as there would be no other reason for him to put off being interviewed by Committee on the Vikileaks. The Anonymous with the masks on are quite funny during this time because when you hit the link it goes right into the Liberal Website was on Sun News (with the big eye) we have our eye on you…hmmm wonder what that means…

I don’t get this one.

I don’t get the point of this. Why spend good money when an election is years away to trash someone who may not even be leader.

ray davis

It would appear that Jack Layton’s message has been forgotten and the negativity continues. This is vintage PC advertising- attack others rather than telling us what you have done.

Jamie D

Wow. I gotta say. Either people do not face reality or they just don’t know people. I wonder how long it will take the Canadian public to become sick of the constant negative ‘unsolicited opinions’ from the Conservative Party of Canada. This ad says that if you have ever failed you are doomed to fail forever. Great message to send to the young folks there ‘leaders’ in Ottawa.I wonder who in the CPC failed and what did they fail at? Working the mail room at Imperial Oil with a new degree in economics sounds like a failure to me Mr. Harper. So who is unqualified? Have you taken a look at Flaherty’s record?I think that the CPC doesn’t get my vote until they break up into their constituent conservative parties. This reform stuff is getting a little thin. Now that I declared they wont get my vote, I wonder if I am going to now get a robocall from ‘Elections Canada’ telling me my polling station changed.


umm.this would only surpise me if the Conservatives praised Rae and bashed themselves….always picking on the little guy…lol

Jerry Johnson

The Conservatives are very good at framing an image around opposition leaders. The Liberals and NDP are very envious of this ability. However, they don’t have to spend the money or worry about it, as the media does a very comprehensive job framing Harper in a negative light.


this reform party is a terrible joke and an embarassment.

Dr. Umbott Cobsuffer Ph.D

this is not new information; those of us that lived through the dark days in ontario remember all too well. there is nothing, in my opinion, that makes this an attack, it is just a simple recitation of facts.


That’s the truth..

Pathetic Politics

I’d like to release my own ad about the behavior of all the politicians in the world it would simply be titled “Pathetic” and the ad would go on forever to cover all their actions!

Prof. Pye Chartt

This, of course, will cause all the anti-Conservative crybabies to soil their diaper and run to mommy. They can let loose on Harper Company all day long, and spew their hateful and electorally bitter nonsense until the cows come home, but, they certainly can’t withstand an advertorial flick between the eyes in return. Always dishing it out, and never being able to take it. The Conservatives know that the Liberals will be nipping at their heels in 3 years, and they know that Bob Rae is DESPERATE to remain leader — especially amidst a dearth of visible contenders in the party — and have a shot at dethroning PM Harper. (The NDP has nowhere to go but down, and poking outgoing leader Turmel is a waste of time and money.) Politics is a tough, dirty game, and was NEVER a gentle sport for sensitive souls. Those believing that the Conservatives are playing “too rough” need to grow up and consider their own political demeanor.

Les in Ontario

People complain about attack ads like this, but I’ve got to hand it to the Conservatives. Every single one they put out cites known facts from from unbiased sources, like this one does. If people are angry about it, they should at least admit they’re angry because the ads tell the truth. It is true that Bob Rae did these things, and it’s important for Canadians to know that and ask hard questions of anyone who wants to be PM.

Big Bob in Ottawa

More jobs (at Mcdonalds) and a welfare state that ignores the reality that a certain number of people are always going to be poor. If the Liberals were to do an attack ad they might want to focus on the fact that Harper dislikes Canadians in general and draw quotes from his 1997 Citizens coalition speech where he details his disdain for Canadian workers and unions that protect them from likes of him. Lets not forget his notion that elections Canada is run by liberal partisans. If we are going into attack time already must be that they really don’t want us looking at them. Bob Rae hasn’t done anything for years. Harper is still there running the show, right into the ground.


Are the Tories thinking of calling an election? Worried about byelections? Are the Tories worried about what the robocall investigation is going to show? These sure look like campaign ads.

JD from Ontario

More trash poli-talk at a time when unity of purpose and non-partisan discussion should be taking place. That is not the way the Harper regime see’s it. With money to spend to defame their opposition they’d rather throw mud than build bridges. Shame once again for what I see as purposely adding distraction at a time the Party is under any kind of scrutiny!


Interesting ad.Perhaps the people who are not wise enough to look through these adds should become a little more aware . Perhaps Mr.Harper should ask Jim Flaherty to resign. He was finance minister of Ontario and people need to only look back and see how that turned out. What I get from this ad is Mr.Harper and his insiders are nervous of Mr. Rae.


I hope the people that put this government in place are proud.

Cambob in Toronto

Bob Rae turned Ontario into the laughing stock of Canada. Even Quebecers were shocked at how fast Mr. Rae ripped apart Ontario. And in case some of you have forgotten, Mr. Rae was a die hard NDP. Well, die hard until he had a chance to advance his career. I guess there really is something Mr. Rae takes seriously… his career.


This attack ad accuses Bob Rae of loosing the most jobs ever…. They fail to mention that it was the federal conservatives NAFTA agreement, that was the cause of most of these job loses.

Julia Rodriguez

Why now, when we are not even close to an election year? Are the conservatives hiding something so they need to distraught the public from it? Was the election won by fraud? It really makes you wonder…………….

Laughable Left

So what? Thruth hurts? Slow news day i guess…


Classic Reform no content ad: no new ideas, no innovation, no class, no dignity, just attack, attack, attack. Over and over. Cowards till the end. I love how the Cons tout a ” lower deficit”– as if they themselves were not the ones who caused it. Cons– forever in campaign mode, given they’ve not a clue how to actually govern.