New Knowledge-Site Dedicated to Promoting the Pay-Per-Call Advertising Industry – ‘’

New Pay-per-Call knowledge-site Educates Advertisers on Utilizing PPCall to Reduce Risk and make Ad Dollars more Accountable.

On December 28, 2009 the first knowledge-site dedicated to supporting the pay-per-call advertising industry was launched –

‘Pay per Call’ advertising drives phone calls instead of clicks, and advertisers don’t pay unless the advertising is successful. Pay-Per-Call is offered by a growing number of offline and online media. Since up to 50% of all businesses do not have their own website, Pay per Call makes performance-based advertising available to all companies, a potential downfall of the pay per click model.

The new resource features a searchable knowledgebase plus a ‘free downloads’ section that offers free tools which Pay Per Call publishers can install on their sites to help educate advertisers. also features an industry directory. Listings in the Pay per Call directory are free.

The aim of the site is to promote the industry, provide tools to its practitioners and develop an information resource that will foster a growing community of publishers, advertisers and related support services.

A handy knowledgebase allows users to type in keywords related to Pay per Call and obtain industry specific results. Editor in Chief, Benny Traub, says “part of the challenge in doing searches on the major engines, such as Google, is that the term ‘pay per call’ is also shared by the pay-by-the-minute psychic hotlines and other similar call-based businesses. The advertising industry uses the term ‘pay per call’ in a completely different context; however, search engines don’t know the difference. This results in quite a mixed bag of search results. To complicate matters further, some telephone companies offer long distance on a ‘pay per call’ basis. All of their online information helps to further clutter the web and makes finding advertising related references time consuming. searches the web and filters out any non-relevant references, thus speeding any research project related to pay per call advertising”.


About Editor in Chief, Benny Traub was created by marketer, Benny Traub, as a resource for advertisers, publishers and other Pay Per Call (PPCall) industry participants.

Benny Traub has a twenty year background in marketing and is a long-time proponent of integrating greater accountability into traditional advertising budgets. As a former ad agency owner, lecturer and marketing consultant, Benny has influenced the advertising strategies of thousands of SMB’s.