Your Marketing Strategy Formula is a set of systems.

Some of these systems can be borrowed from your competitors or other companies that have similar business processes. But the most important and irreplaceable systems are those that cannot be borrowed.

These systems will be unique to your business and will be what enables you to attract and retain customers while your competitors cannot. The combination of all these systems is your Marketing Strategy Formula.

Your Strategy must be one of your most guarded secrets. Just as McDonald’s guards the recipe to their secret sauce, you will do your best not to let your competitors know how you do it. Think of it as intellectual property.

If you ever sell your business, your Marketing Strategy will be one of the reasons the buyer was attracted to your business. The selling price you’ll pull in once you have such a Strategy will be exponentially higher than what you’ll earn if you sell your business before you have such a Marketing Strategy in place.

The Four Pillars of Sustainable Results

If your business is to survive long term, it is absolutely critical that you achieve systematic, sustainable growth. For your growth plan to be sustainable, your Marketing Strategy will require four characteristics which we refer to as the ‘pillars’ upon which you will expand.

  1. Predictable results. You need to know the outcome of your marketing – before you do it.
  2. Profitable results. Every dollar you invest must be returned to you in multiples, at significant margins.
  3. Repeatable results. The Marketing Strategy must work over and over, producing profitable results for long periods of time and freeing you from endlessly searching for new business development solutions.
  4. Scalable results. The best Marketing Strategy will allow you to ‘spend more to earn more’. This is the only way to take advantage of your available market size and to grow the business to its maximum potential in sales and profits. The potential profits from well-designed program are limited only by your market size.

If your Marketing Strategy Formula has these characteristics, you cannot fail.

Your Marketing Strategy Formula is the only permanent, scalable solution for generating new business.

Imagine the day when you don’t have to think about how you are going to generate new leads. Then imagine how fast and how far you could grow your business if you had such a Marketing Strategy.

If there is a market for what you are selling, there is also a corresponding strategy for tapping that market at a profit.

Your job is to discover what that Strategy is through the process of marketing optimization. You’ll do so in the Laboratory.

The best companies, that is, those that continue to survive and expand in any economy, are those that have figured out the above four items.

We refer to such a system as a ‘Marketing Strategy Formula’.